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My Life

Pam and PatI came into this world and my identical twin sister Pam emerged twelve minutes later. As we grew older, differences started. We, as is common, started speaking in our own language. When Pam started speaking clearly, I never made that transition. I suffered with hypernasal speech until I had plastic surgery on my throat after my freshman year of college. I finally believed we were identical when we both had the same kidney defect that manifested for me when I experienced a kidney infection at the age of twenty-seven. Pam had the same problem a year later. She transitioned on 7/14/2012 after experiencing breast cancer and bone cancer. I used to say, "Pam was the sandpaper that made me very clear about who I am." I now say, "Pam is the sand that made me into the pearl that I now am."

Ask and Let Go(d)

Wholeness and health are our divine right from being One with God. I had some health issues which challenged me even after I addressed them with different alternative practitioners.

I studied A Course in Miracles and understood that illness was part of the illusion. My favorite, Lesson 153, says In my defenselessness my safety lies. I enjoyed reading Richard Bartlett's books on The Physics of Miracles and Matrix Energetics - his story breaking his leg by walking off the stage and moving back in time to undo the damage is amazing.

I wanted miracles. I learned to Ask and Let Go(d) to handle my request and found health is possible. Admittedly I've had to add more pieces to complete the puzzle of the underlying issues that brought the dis-ease.

Through working through my issues and others, I found a way to help. See the website at

Everyone is Everything

Everyone is EverythingI interwove my past lives with my current life to show the patterns that continue from life to life with the same people. The website for Everyone is Everything is at The subtitle is Getting Naked Before the World to Prove It!

The Kindle version is available at The cover is painted by Terry Chacon.


Spiritual Databases

Patricia with cardsI created a website for the many divination methods for which I have developed databases: numerology, tarot decks, oracle decks, and information based on birth date. I love collecting information into a way where it is easily understood.

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for many years. I was challenged to do the numerology of the Course lessons and the AA 12 Steps. To see the result, ACIM Lessons vs AA 12 Steps.

Healthy Chocolate

NuggetThe search for the healing modality has led me to learn many different things. While still in Chicago, I tried Therapeutic Touch and Ohashi Shiatsu. My move to California coincided with training in the EMF Balancing Technique. Through that training, I heard about the BioGenesis Tools and attended a weekend seminar in Mt Shasta. I found Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate which allowed me to eat this unprocessed cocoa several times daily for health. See the website at

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