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Ask and Let GoAfter many years of searching, I found the healing modality that works for me. I read Raymon Grace's The Future is Yours: Do Something about It! The book, full of healing stories, had little in the way of instruction. I've been using a pendulum for many years and created what I call "Ask and Let Go." Using A Course in Miracles terminology, I place my request in the hands of the Holy Spirit to place on the altar - I ask - and let go - for God to handle my request.

Each morning I use a pendulum and clear whatever needs to be corrected. I start with Foundation (Beliefs, Thoughts, Memories, or Programs). Go to the Negative Entities (Negative Entities In, Negative Entities Around, Possessions In, or Attachments On). I check for Negative Entities with Programs. In checking for Effects, additional work is needed when Emotions, Allergy, or Allergy to something the body produces comes up. For Emotions, check for the emotion involved on the following page, for Allergy, ask for the number of Foundation pieces causes the allergy. I then move to Systems, Glands, and Organs.

Usually all indications of dis-ease are resolved. If not, I check for what needs forgiveness.

The Pendulum

I'd learned to ask permission after experiencing a dark night from improperly using a pendulum in 1997. I've found that any hanging object works well. I use necklaces, stones, and pendants... and keys in a pinch. The importance of asking permission cannot be overlooked. I ask "May I?, Can I?, Should I?" and "Is this the right time?" Receiving a yes to all four is imperative before continuing.


I struggled with a feeling of malaise and found forgiveness to be the answer. I first did a Forgiveness Ritual and then created the Forgiveness which combines Ho'oponopono and A Course in Miracles..

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