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Healing Journey

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Healing Journey

After years of a deep hacking cough and a sore lower back, both those issues are gone. Through Dr. Bradley Nelson's The Body Code System, I discovered a mold infection in my lungs which could be treated with Neem Leaf Capsules. My upper cervical chiropractor aligned my body by unwinding the damage done over the years, but deep pain remained. At his recommendation, I tried cold laser therapy and the pain went away.

Healthy Chocolate

NuggetThe best gift in this life came when I found Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate. I struggled with my love of chocolate and the effects of regular chocolate with the caffeine and fillers. Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate is unprocessed cacao with the açai berry and blueberries. This chocolate provides many healthy benefits and makes my cells happy. How cool is life that I have to eat at least three pieces of this fabulous chocolate every day!

Ask and Let Go(d)

After many years of searching, I found the healing modality that works for me. I read Raymon Grace's The Future is Yours: Do Something about It! The book, full of healing stories, had little in the way of instruction. I've been using a pendulum for many years and used that experience to create what I call Ask and Let God. Using A Course in Miracles terminology, I place my request in the hands of the Holy Spirit to place on the altar - I ask - and let go - for God to handle my request.

I'd learned to ask permission after experiencing a dark night from improperly using the pendulum in 1997. I now ask "May I, Can I, Should I?" and "Is this the right time?" before I work on someone.

Every time I feel any discomfort, I check for the organ, gland, or system that is out of alignment. The problem can come from beliefs, thoughts, memories, or programs. Negative entities can also cause problems. The protocol continues to evolve.

I Ask and Let God and have found health. Thanks you, God! Life is Good!

Emotion Code and Body Code

I attended the Chocolate Celebration in July 2009 and heard about Dr. Bradley Nelson's book The Emotion Code. I cleared all my emotion codes and felt better. I learned in November 2009 about Dr. Nelson's The Body Code System and soon discovered my deep wracking cough came from mold in my former home. After taking Neem Leaf capsules for a short time, my cough went away.


I started to see Dr. Libby (Librada Manaligod) to eliminate my allergies in January 1999. A friend had told me about NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) and I didn't believe such a thing would work. My experience with allergy shots had not been positive.

After I'd been treated for the basics, Dr. Libby dealt with my severe allergy to my cats. After staying away for twenty-five hours, I sat with my cats and had no reaction. What a great modality.


Flame of GenesisI first heard about the BioGenesis at an EMF Conference. I joined two friends from Chicago in Mt Shasta to learn about the BioGenesis Tools. The brief sessions done during the seminar changed my intention to stay uninvolved and I brought home some of the BioGenesis Tools.

I found the tools to be helpful in changing the energy of my home and impacting others in their health.

With BioGenesis, you can establish balance and harmony in your home, restore your health and vitality, and manifest your life goals.

The EMF Balancing Technique

I moved to Palm Springs in April 2000 and flew to New Hampshire a week later to learn the EMF Balancing Technique from Peggy Phoenix Dubro. I felt the energy, worked on a number of clients, and learned to teach the technique.