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Healing Modalities


Healing Modalities

I learned these modalities and no longer use them.

Therapeutic Touch

I started my search for a healing modality with Therapeutic Touch. I went to the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, Illinois, and learned about "fluffing" and "clearing." I never did the work on anyone.

Ohashi Shiatsu

I'd been receiving Shiatsu for some time to release the emotions held in my body. I again never tried the technique on anyone.

The EMF Balancing Technique

I moved to Palm Springs and almost immediately flew to New Hampshire to learn the EMF Balancing Technique from Peggy Phoenix Dubro. The first four phases are:

Phase I about Wisdom and Emotions - releases stress and enforces a pattern of freedom and well-being. This balances the energy between the head and the heart.

Phase II about Self Direction and Support - releases gracefully the energy blockages of old emotional issues and promotes awareness of your own Personal Empowerment Prism.

Phase III about Radiating Core Energy - allows your inner wisdom to manifest more frequently in your daily life, letting conditions no longer useful for your growth to simply fall away.

Phase IV about Energetic Manifestation - establishes a connection with your future Self, allowing the future potential energy to manifest in the present reality.