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Spiritual Journey

How do you illustrate your Spiritual Journey? I understood more after reading Deepak Chopra's The Way to Know God, which helped me see the many leaps of faith I've made to come to this place.

I'd been reared as a good Presbyterian by my parents, knowing my father's family came from a long line of the same. One of our ancestors had been hanged and beheaded in Scotland for his religious beliefs. Being the independent soul, I had a choice of attending a local Presbyterian college or a Lutheran one... and went to the Thiel College, the Lutheran one. I was unaware that I'd gone more conservative.

I studied religion as a course requirement, but ended my involvement in organized churches after my marriage to my first husband whose parents also actively participated in their Presbyterian church. My mother and his father played the organs at their respective congregations.

My first attempt to attend a church in Cleveland brought me downtown to the large edifice on the square. To my despair, no one spoke a word to me.

I moved to Chicago a short time later to share an apartment with my sister Pam. She'd been active at St Pauls United Church of Christ in Lincoln Park where we later joined. I made it my mission to make newcomers feel welcome.

I participated actively at St. Pauls, attending the services and the adult programs. I made up for my four years of non-attendance during my marriage and enjoyed the open and affirming beliefs where open arms welcomed all.

I started to investigate alternate viewpoints, after doing extensive reading about Edgar Cayce during high school. I read books by Seth and the Prophets and found the channeled material opened my eyes to an expanded reality.

With my friend Mary, we attended classees at Healing Earth Resources, a new age store. One channeler told me that I was to do "healing and writing," which I promptly forgot. I learned about numerology and started doing charts for everyone around me.

My first inward journey came at my first Insight Seminar, the Awakening Heart. After attending for five days, I felt no different. My friend Mary then remarked, "You're softer, more gentle."

I attended my next Insight seminar, the Opening Heart, and bonded with the smaller group. With Susan from that experience, we went to the Centering Heart, spending much time in silence and meditaton.

I continued to attend church, being active as the chair of a committe and attending adult forums. At the same time, I investigated other avenues of Spirit, reading a lot.

I'd made several attempts to read A Course in Miracles, but found the effort too daunting alone. After I arrived in Palm Springs, I joined a study group which meets weekly. I had finally come Home to understand that we have no separation from God where we're each a facet.