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A shaman told me that my throat chakra became a golden globe and I needed to write a book - I thought she was crazy. I started writing when I went to a Healing the Wounded Healer and Life, Death, and Beyond. The first title The Healing Journey from "Not Pam" to "Pat" changed several times over the years.

I worked for several years with Bruce McAllister and the non-fiction writing group to find an approach to interweaving my past lives with my current life that made sense. I felt great satisfaction when I found stories that matched.

When Pam became diagnosed with breast cancer, I made the choice to forgo getting a mammogram which challenged her. Our mother and her three sisters all died from breast cancer. I'd changed my contract several years ago and moved from living with that fear. Seeing a chiropractor had been my closest to a traditional medical practiioner.

When my friend Jeffrey said, "Lots of people can write about their past lives and the connection to their current life, but only you can tell the story about being an identical twin." So I started Speaking My Truth about my shared journey with Pam and We Are All Innocent became the book with the interweaving of my past lives.

I went on the Hay House Writers Workshop Cruise with the intention of using Speaking My Truth. Then Reid Tracy, the President of Hay House Publishing House, said, "If you have two books, combine them." I rejected that idea until two other participants said, "We think you should put both books together," and Everyone is Everything was born.

Everyone is Everything

Nude by Terry ChaconOut of that effort came Everyone is Everything. I use the painting by Terry Chacon to represent the vulnerability of "getting naked before the world" to expose all.

Website is The Kindle version is available at

Inviting the Trinity Within

I'd written a short piece about my relationship with Mary Magdalene several years ago after someone had said, "You have the whole trinity within you." That entire writing can be found at Inviting the Trinity Within.