Who AM i?

I am a Multidimensional Soul Healer using Ask and Let Go(d)!

I moved past the reality of fourth-dimension into the ALL That Is, where a multidimensional soul healer works! Wonderful to utilize.

I created Ask and Let Go(d), a healing modality, as I moved through my own healing. Confronted with the inevitably of experiencing breast cancer, I cancelled my contract that I would die from the same disease as my mother, Mom’s three sisters, and my twin sister. After years of of having an annual mammogram, I stopped in 2002. I no longer bought into the inevitability of my genetic history.

More information can be found at Ask and Let Go(d).

I am the creator of Spiritual Databases!

I love reading information to create databases connecting various pieces of information together. My seeing the patterns involved allows me to share the information with my clients.

Numerology and Astrology were my first attempts at recognizing the patterns. Tarot and Oracle decks soon followed. I particularly enjoyed the challenge of using the Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot with the additional questions of specific cards to further identify the necessary approach.

Gene Keys and Human Design came next. I confess to being challenged at seeing the Human Design information the first time. As is true for most of my projects, I read the books and apply the information.

More information can be found at Spiritual Databases.

I am a Writer of Everyone is Everything: Getting Naked Before the World to Prove It!

I took the information from my past lives, interweaving them with my current life to understand the patterns of my life.

More information can be found on Amazon.