Inviting The Trinity Within

I wrote a short piece about my relationship with Mary Magdalene.

“You have the whole Trinity within you,” Donna said with a sense of amazement. “I’ve not seen that in the twenty years that I’ve been reading akashic records.”

I’d come to the grand opening of a new spiritual center this afternoon in November 2008 to support the owner. I’d met Donna, one of the readers at the center, at a Holistic Fair.

Her use of the Trinity surprised me. In May 2003 I’d heard I had the energy of Mary Magdalene and struggled to understand what that could mean. It helped me see differently several unusual events in my life where people recognized me at our first meeting.

I’d remembered several visions during my “dark night of the soul.”   I heard a very clear woman’s voice say, “With love.”   On a different occasion, I heard “I didn’t choose someone else. I chose you.”

In January 2017, I had another experience which I’ve included in the piece. To see the complete piece, Inviting the Trinity Within